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Cafe BOBETO landed in Nikolaja Gogolja 10 street in early 2006., founded by Family Mačar. The aim was to provide Belgraders with an alternative to supermarket cakes, French patisseries and Italian gelateria. Our simple, unfussy recipes made with the high quality and fresh ingredients have proved very popular. Bobeto space has become a favourite meeting spot in the neighbourhood. Such success has allowed us to expand our range of offerings, including pies, ice creams, smoothies, vitamin drinks, morning snacks, daily specials and a wider variety of layer cakes and cheesecakes.


We are located in the pieceful neighbourhood of Belgrade, Banovo Brdo. And we are considered as a place of creativity, place to relax and a place for all senses. Our funky shop interior features relaxing athmosphere, with an art wall decoration, and it is accompanied by our well-recognised chocolate signature colours. We offer a variety of our creations, pop into Gogoljeva Street to have a look at what we can do!


Our products are made on site fresh each day and throughout the day! Having our bakers and decorators on site means that we can always keep our shelves looking fresh, beautiful and decorative! We are pleased to now offer a wide range of Cakes by Consultation for weddings, christenings, promotions and other special occasions. We hand make all our decorations and can create a cake to suit every need.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer to all your possible queries.

BOBETO - Nikolaja Gogolja 10, Beograd 11000, +381 11 254 62 94



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